2018 LPIN Convention Theme Contest - Vote With Dollars! $1 = 1 vote.

Let your voice be heard through your wallet - help pick our 2018 Convention theme! We are working hard to have the 2018 LPIN State Convention fully funded before we even set foot in the venue. $1 = 1 vote.

Don't like the choices? Contribute $25 to add your own suggestion! 

You can vote as many times as you would like. The first theme idea to hit $5,000 wins or the theme with the most votes by October 1st, 2017 wins. 

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Believe IN Liberty

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $5,000.00

Full Slate in 2018

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $5,000.00

I'm THAT Libertarian!

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $5,000.00

Liberty Starts Here

Collected: $5.00
Goal: $5,000.00

Sunday Sales

Collected: $5.00
Goal: $5,000.00

We Are Libertarians

Collected: $122.00
Goal: $5,000.00

"Repeal and Replace" the General Assembly in 2018

Collected: $25.00
Goal: $5,000.00

Jame Nease's Dank Meme Extravaganza

Collected: $25.00
Goal: $5,000.00

Liberty Rising

Collected: $30.00
Goal: $5,000.00

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