The Libertarian Party of Indiana stands to make history this year, thanks to Mark W. Rutherford’s Secretary of State race.

This year’s race could do more than assure that Libertarians get ballot access for another four years. Candidates who get at least 2% of votes for this office determine whether a political party gets automatic ballot access. The Libertarian Party has reached this threshold every four years since 1994. It’s become less onerous each cycle.

Indiana Secretary of State candidates who receive at least 10% of the vote give their parties major-party status. Reaching this threshold would make Indiana history.

Mark W. Rutherford is polling at 10% - and his campaign is just beginning.

That’s why the Libertarian Party of Indiana is asking for your help. We are asking for $15 donations to further professionalize this key campaign.

What does your $15 donation mean for the party? For you? For voters?

  • Your $15 donation could lead to major-party status for the Libertarian Party of Indiana.
  • Your $15 donation could increase strategic capabilities for future Libertarian candidates.
  • Your $15 donation could help Hoosier voters choose a Libertarian ballot in the primary.
  • Your $15 donation could lead to more Libertarians in appointed positions across the state.
  • Your $15 donation could encourage strong liberty-leaning candidates to run and donors to fund those campaigns.

You can donate more? We’ll use your money wisely.

Thank you for making Indiana history.

$15 for $15K

Collected: $3,321.00
Goal: $15,000.00
We need $15,000 to do a mass mailer for Mark Rutherford's Secretary of State Campaign by August 31st! The Libertarian Party of Indiana has not had a more important race since 1994 when we achieved automatic ballot access in Indiana. This year will take the LPIN into Minor Party status and your donation, right now, of $15 or more, will make that happen!

We need $15,000 by Aug. 31 to fund a mass-mailer for Mark W. Rutherford’s campaign for Secretary of State. Your donation of $15 or more puts the party closer to major-party status. Donate today.

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